Who are the partners
The partners’ expertise in both the crafts sector and education will be supported by high level skills in digital technologies to co-produce tools which will highlight the main values represented by craftsmanship.
Partner's values
Strong knowhow and expertise, entrepreneurship, high quality, long-lasting production, low waste, local sourcing, self-accomplishment, creativity, innovation, and cultural heritage safeguard. They also highlight the diversity of opportunities offered by the sector.
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Aproximar develops and provides services in 4 main sectors and since 2007 has participated in projects related to education and strengthening the community’s social capital, which has enabled the consolidation of a sector dedicated exclusively to Education and Capacity Empowerment. This sector has a dedicated team focused on developing and implementing approaches to promote healthy communities. APX also develops new responses to answer to needs that arise within the local communities. APX tries to offer tailor made answers according to the local needs of the communities, respecting their individuality and diversity, doing impact assessment, innovative approaches to train teachers and the school community, parents’ empowerment, restorative practices, participatory approaches, mentoring schemes and others.

LAJA is a foundation based in Cieszyn next to the Czech and Slovakian borders; a meeting place of countries and cultures. It cooperates with Cieszyn and Jastrzębie Zdrój municipalities in two ways: supporting initiatives for youth including policies and developing cooperations with youth councils in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and many other local, regional, national and international institutions, Universities and NGOs. Laja tackles new ways of youth work, fostering local and regional identity, helping young people to develop self-esteem, sense of initiative, creativity and social engagement. Its initiatives include non-formal education, workshops, national and international youth exchanges, Erasmus+ opportunities, volunteering and informal meetings. 

Khora is an award-winning XR production studio and learning lab founded in 2015, and one of the first to pioneer high-end, immersive content with curious and audacious partners. Having released over 400 immersive experiences, we explore and drive the value creation of emerging media. We aim to widen access to augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) by producing experiences that connect us and address real-world challenges. We strive to democratize access to VR because it gives us powerful, educational, and meaningful experiences that can tie us closer to our shared home and heritage. We have a creative full-scale production team with diverse backgrounds and work in close dialogue with our partners. Our track record and extensive experience enable us to offer honest insights into disadvantages and advantages across the latest XR mediums.

Esquare is a research and educational organisation based in France, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation. We promote the educational and consultancy activities, psychological and soft skills development of youth and adults in order to be able to adapt and to integrate effectively in a dynamic society. We aim to contribute to the society throughout lifelong learning in accordance with the current requirements of the labor market.

Mad’in Europe is a Brussels based company that contributes to the valorization, safeguard and transmission of know-how and expertise in the field of traditional and fine crafts at the European level. MIE supports the work of craftspeople by connecting them and increasing their visibility through interviews, digital marketing support, workshops to share best practices, its social media strategy and a monthly newsletter. Its multilingual portal gathers a large audience around MIE’s activities and around the 1,500 professional craftspeople profiles exposing their work, techniques and training offers. MIE conducts and disseminates studies and surveys on the craft market; conducts monitoring of legislative developments in the sector and participates in international conferences and projects in order to give voice to craftsmen & trades.

Petrklíč help is a youth, community, creative, educational and innovative non-profit organization operating since 2005 and based in Cieszyn. Its team has extensive experience in non-formal education, volunteering, development of young people and their ideas, cross-border and international cooperation, environmental issues and youth participation. We also have a dedicated support team offering advice on youth policy, personal development and ecology.

The San Giuseppe association was born 25 years ago to accommodate and welcome seasonal immigrant workers and created a community for unaccompanied foreign minors. From experience with migrants and minors, the values of hospitality, care for others, social, work and educational inclusion are born and strengthened. As of 2018, the SG association, as an NGO, mainly carries out activities to promote the person’s development in all aspects and various fields. It deals with issues related to the needs of migrants, minors in difficulty, whether foreigners or Italians, women and – in particular – women with a migration background and schools. Their goal is to care for groups of disadvantaged people by promoting solidarity, awareness-raising, training and information.